Constitutional Convention Founders

An American Patriot is loyal to his nation and the principles at its foundation. Our Founders eloquently stated that a nation dedicated to Liberty and Justice is only possible if we embrace virtue. They were united not for political or monetary purposes, not just to carve out a new nation but to uphold and defend a core set of principles that would estabilsh a better kind of civilization. Our Patriotic duty is to walk in their footsteps.

In contrast, a Mercenary may victimize his own countrymen or serve his nation's rivals or enemies, aiding or assisting them in gaining an advantage. He may sell out his nation for personal or collective gain. While he may wear the clothes and speak the speech of a Patriot, his actions will reveal where his true loyalties lie. Mercenaries come in many guises, from politicians to community organizers and even to supposed leaders of patriot movements. The price of Liberty is eternal vigilance. The Patriot does not fear honest examination by his countrymen.

This blog will be dedicated to exploring American principles and exposing those who cloak themselves in the name of "Patriot" while betraying the very principles behind that name.